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Til Ødslig Horisont

Almost 10 years after the composition, and 7 years after the first edition “Til Ødslig Horisont” will be re-released by trente oiseaux in 2012. I am very grateful to Bernhard Günter and his label for interest and support. It feel good to know that the album will be available as a digital release again, and re-enters into the circulation.



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Compo Sites Team

I am glad to take part in a new project curated by David Vélez of Impulsive Habitat. It is a “mix-it-yourself” team with members Juan José Calarco, Hiroki Sasajima, Christopher McFall, Simon Whetham and myself. Our goal is to re-create a process that based on “Compo Sites” recordings by Slavek Kwi aka Artificial Memory Trace, and also on single pieces composed by each of us. We are working in an order and in context established by the previous structure of pieces so to give to the final piece new narrative structure and flow.


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Subway Budapest

Edu Comelles at Audiotalaia kindly invited me to contribute to “Subway Sound Composition” international project. Did not hesitate for long, packed up my gear and descended into a strange underground world. The submitted works will be played back on a quadrophonic sound system as a part of a hearing session on Central Subway Station in Valencia, Spain. In the meantime, I am pleased to share my composition completed with artwork and some thoughts about the piece. “Subway Budapest” is free to download from this link but is also available as a 3″ CD-R with printed cover and an enclosed subway ticket!

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